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Nêhiyaw Pimâtisôwin Goals

Along with our unique learning environment, we have focused goals. These goals extend to our community and beyond.


Our students are involved in experiences with a wide range of partnering organizations. From the Edmonton Oilers to the University of Alberta and NAIT students are provided opportunities that expand the learning environment and enhance learning.


Our students are provided with individual learning plans In the middle years and high school programs. Plans are co-developed between staff and students. Our students not only learn and achieve at provincial curriculum standards – they exceed by participating in opportunities that enrich their learning plans. These experiences include Arts Based Programming, Seasonal Learning, Wellness, Leadership and Work Experiences.


Our students and staff partake in educational experiences with local Knowledge Keepers and Elders. Our education system reaches out into the community where we learn protocols, teachings and language that help in the strong formation of our identities. Our localized context provides rich learning opportunities that nurture the wellbeing of students and staff.


Our students will learn nêhiyawawin (Cree) language to connect them to the land, history and relationships through daily activities and learning unit development. Why? Studies have shown that students who speak the language including understanding the meanings, values and traditions have a stronger identity, more family involvement and do better in school.

“The ability of a group of people to do remarkable things hinges on how well those people pull together as a team.”

Simon Sinek • Leaders Eat Last

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